I’ve received a few comments from readers of my blog suggesting that I am a little harsh when responding to pleas for mercy from Robert during punishment, so I thought I should clarify my position. Before I go any further I should add that Robert knows that I simply do not do mercy. I’ve imprinted this on his mind, via his bottom, relentlessly, for over a decade. So when Robert places himself over the whipping bench and allows himself to be secured and so placing himself at my mercy, he knows there will be none.
Punishment is supposed to hurt. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the whole point, so the more it hurts, the better the punishment. The pain suffered during punishment should be unbearable. That’s why I nearly always restrain Robert. For me the punishment only really starts at the point where Robert feels he can’t take any more. It’s at this point when he can start pleading for mercy. For me, this is one of those magic moments. I have broken through the last chink in his pain threshold. Is now the time to stop? Of course not. Now is the time to get started. Now is the time to administer the strokes with even more venom and spite. Now is the time to lick my lips and grit my teeth so I can delight in the tawse or cane biting deeper and more savagely into his squirming, writhing bottom. To stop now would be rather like abandoning a one hundred meter sprint when you are in the lead with just thirty meters to go. In those final thirty meters you would give it everything, and so is the case when thrashing Robert. When Robert pleads “Please, I can’t take anymore,” I translate this as “You’ve just broken through my pain threshold, so now’s the time to up the game and really start laying the strokes on hard.” Putting it another way, if you were the pilot of an aircraft that is racing down a runway, building up speed, would you throttle back just as the wheels were about lift from the ground? Of course not.

Everyone is entitled to have their own view on this, but I hope this clears up any confusion on my attitude towards mercy.

For the same reasons, I don’t do safewords. As a professional and with my experience it is me who decides when Robert has been adequately punished, not Robert.

About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. aidxenAndrew says:

    Thanks Annie,
    We will try a few alternatives for a while. She says she thinks she could handle this level again but not very often.

  2. Agony and ecstasy says:

    Dear Annie,

    I dearly love your blog, but I do have one complaint, your posts have been so few and far between as of late. Your ability to come up with such a variety of delightful scenarios all centered around the beating of Robert, is quite remarkable. Your writing is witty, sardonic at times, but when you let loose your sadistic impulses towards Robert, it is really quite erotic and arousing. I really can’t find any writing on the internet that compares with yours. I realize that you must devote most of your time to writing your books, but I dare not order through Amazon, as my wife and I share an account. Should you have any recommendations for me, I would be most grateful. I have looked through some of the most prominent posters, including 2 females who are rather prolific, but they just do not compare with you. A final question. When you have completed Robert’s beating, and he is secured to the whipping bench, have you considered giving him some type of intensely painful enema to prolong his agony for some additional hours? Thanks for considering my questions. I do fantasize about being Robert, but my rational self tells me I just couldn’t muster up the courage to be beaten as he is more than once.

  3. andrew says:

    How hard do you cane Robert. Do you bruise him or break the skin?
    How long does it take Robert to heal physically?
    The reason I ask is that I caned my sub recently. 6 of the best and two of the cuts broke her skin. It was the first time I had caned anyone and the first time she had been caned. It’s been 2 weeks and the skin is almost healed but the bruising is still eveident. I want to cane her more but at this level of damage that would be unsustainable. I want to get her past the point where she thinks she can take no more but without such damage to her skin.

    • You ask some serious questions.

      I cane Robert hard and we both understand that there can be consequences. He takes two weeks, sometimes longer, to recover from a good caning. Some people are more likely to cut than others. The cane is probably one of the implements most likely to cut. Our activities are consensual, we are adults and we accept the risks. We do what we do because we both enjoy it.

      The only advice I can give, if either you or your sub have concerns about injury, is to not use a cane, or exercise moderation. You might consider using alternative implements. Some implements can be very painful with less risk of cutting, but heavy implements can cause severe bruising.

      Also, always make sure everything is kept scrupulously, medically clean.

      It goes without saying that any activities should be consensual, between adults, and never exercised under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

      I not qualified to offer medical advice. You should seek this elsewhere.

      Kind Regards, Annie

      • freecroma says:

        I used get the cane from my mistress too, tied to the spanking bench, the great pain hurts until only four days but the fading yellow patches after 6 weeks visible. I cannot go for example into swimming pool for weeks.

  4. Ads Moh - False name says:

    Since d day I came across ur writing, cant stop thinking about u even fr a min…r u real ? Coz if u r real den u r a goddess on earth. Robert is one hell of a lucky man. I would trade with him my entire youth just to be in his position when u breach his pain threshold….God u get happy seeing him in immense pain, I just wish my wife can replicate ur sadism. We are newly married.. I wld have loved to beg u to make her like u, but I kno its in one’s nature and cant b taught. Seriously Robert is in heaven and I wld die to invent a time machine to go back in time, make u fall in love wid me and marry me before he meets u. You are a dream, a fallen angel, a goddess, I would like to literally worship u evry single moment of my life. The way you have presented your feelings while severely thrashing Robert made me wonder if I can stop dreaming about u even for one night in my rest f life, which is long, coz u kno m only 30.


  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    It was nice to read your about your attitude regarding mercy, Ma’am. As a long-time reader of your books and blog, I was pretty much aware of this, and I believe it’s an area that makes you stand out among disciplinarians. You’ve made your position quite clear, and I believe Robert’s position is quite clear (he will not be receiving mercy). I humbly and respectfully offer my utmost respect to you for your no-nonsense approach to punishment, and I know Robert respects you for it too.


    sissy jamieanne

  6. Anonymous says:

    You are so right, Mrs Bee. The way I like it, from a submissive point of view too, Domme being in charge alone.

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