A favourite spanking game of mine is had by creating a spinning wheel from the website wheeldecide.com

The default settings can be changed to various punishments to suit your own preferences. I call it the wheel of misfortune. It’s a bit like a roulette wheel, except the numbers are replaced with words.

Last week I was in the mood to put some colour into Robert’s cheeks. He was overdue a good thrashing and was reminding me by being a bit flippant, so I announced that I was resurrecting the ‘wheel of misfortune’.  It’s quick and easy to adapt the wheel to the level of severity required, and I decided to keep this hidden from Robert until I had him safely secured over our whipping bench, with his bare bottom upthrust and helpless. I added a lot of different punishments to the above example, including a few quite severe choices. I announced that I would spin the wheel six times, and after each spin, Robert would receive whichever punishment was chosen by the wheel. I’d divided the wheel up into twenty different punishments, ranging from ‘unlucky’ to ‘very unlucky’. 

I soon had Robert gasping. The first three spins of the wheel resulted in strokes of the tawse, cane and my bespoke ‘hellstrap’. However, he got very unlucky on the 4th spin, which was ‘spin again and double strokes/time’. I spun the wheel again. I had my laptop set up done in front of Robert, so he could watch it spin, then slowly come to a stop, with the pointer falling on the punishment he was about to receive. He groaned in despair when it stopped on ’brisk 30 seconds of hairbrush’. This, of course, now meant I would spank him briskly for a full minute with my ebony hairbrush, and I always spank hard. Ebony is a heavy wood, and as Robert knows, a good spanking with my ebony hairbrush is absolutely eye-watering. A full minute would be breathtakingly painful.

My word, what a fuss he made! I didn’t hold back, and spanked him hard and fast, alternating between his left and right bottom cheeks. I adore watching his bottom dance, jiggle and writhe when the sting becomes unbearable, and the ‘crack – crack – crack’ of the hairbrush was accompanied by a symphony of gasping and squealing. A full minute must have seemed an eternity to Robert, and the whipping bench was put to a real test as he struggled to escape. He knows, of course, that struggling is futile, there is no escape. Nor is there any mercy, I don’t do mercy. Pleading merely encourages me to spank harder.

We were both quite breathless when that long minute finally elapsed. Robert was exhausted from his pointless fight with the clutches of the whipping bench, and his naked body was glistening with perspiration. I decided to take a break to recoup my strength for the final two spins of the wheel, so I retired to the kitchen for tea, leaving Robert strapped over the whipping bench with the cool air soothing his very colourful bare bottom.

I usually set the rules for Robert’s punishments, and I almost always stick to them, no matter how much Robert pleads to the contrary. Robert was due two more spins of the wheel. However, I had enjoyed watching his bare bottom’s bizarre dance under my ebony hairbrush so much, that I decided he should ‘enjoy’ another dose.

The vivid marks I’d decorated Robert’s bottom with had matured by the time I’d returned after my tea break. There were numerous, colourful cane stripes, and some nice ‘wrap-around’ tawse patterns, but the hairbrush had left one very angry red/purple ring on the centre of each bottom cheek.

“I don’t think I can take any more, he whimpered,” as I traced my fingers over his very sore bottom.

“You’re not required to think, Robert,” I replied, “you can leave that to me, and I think you will take more.”

He groaned in despair, bringing a smile to my face. “You knew you were marrying a sadist, so you have no one to blame but yourself,” I added. 

“However,” I continued, “I’ve decided to ditch the wheel for the finale, there’s too much chance of you getting off too lightly, and we can’t have that, can we?”

He didn’t answer.

“I so enjoyed your brisk spanking with my lovely ebony hairbrush, that I’ve decided to conclude with that.”

“Oh, please, no, Miss,” he sobbed. “That’s too much!”

“Silly boy,” I chuckled. “I was planning another minute, but if you are making a complaint, then I’ll be absolutely delighted to increase that to two minutes.”

“No, no. I’m not complaining, Miss!”

“So you think a one minute, brisk, hard, hairbrush spanking is a good idea, then?”

“Yes, Miss. It’s a very good idea,” he urgently agreed.

“Good, that’s settled then,” I said, as I picked up the hairbrush. “I’ll see if I can make it just a little bit harder, and perhaps a little brisker.”

The blissful desperate wriggling of his bottom, and the gasping, began as soon as my wicked hairbrush began its work again. His bottom cheeks looked extremely sore, so I concentrated my efforts a little lower, just where his bottom cheeks meet with his upper thighs.

His squealing brought a smile to my face. Then I gritted my teeth, concentrating on increasing the ferocity of the spanking. Goodness me, how he wriggled! If he hadn’t been strapped down over the whipping bench, I swear he could have climbed the walls with his finger nails to escape the sting of my hairbrush.

It was over all too soon, for me, that is. I could have carried on for another thirty seconds of flat out spanking, perhaps even another minute, but I’m generally a lady of my word. It was time to release Robert from his bonds.

You may, after reading this account, be thinking of me as a cruel lady, and you’d be right, but perhaps I should tell you that later that evening, Robert gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek, then told me that I’d been too lenient with him. I won’t be next time.

I’m still busy writing and my latest book involves a young man who discovers that his neighbours, two attractive ladies, enjoy spanking games. He begins spying on them. Perhaps you can guess what happens when he’s caught. But that’s just the start. The involvement of his landlady adds an unforgettable twist to his journey towards submission. The story is called ‘Contract of Submission’, and is available on amazon as a kindle book: 


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. You’re certainly cruel, dear Miss Bee, and having married a sadist myself, I know pretty well what that implies… But I must admit that, just like your Robert, I’m enjoying unparalleled bliss and life-long happiness, thanks to her cruelty!

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