Being my full-time partner means that Robert’s bottom is required to accept regular and severe canings, tawsings and whippings, and is rarely free of marks from a recent thrashing. I wish I was ambidextrous, but I’m not. I’m right-handed, and this results in Robert’s right bottom cheek being subjected to more severe punishment than his left. Sometimes I wish I had a twin sister who was left-handed, so we could thrash him in unison, as in my new book ‘Horsed and Tawsed’, (to be published soon) but on reflection, I think I’ll keep him to myself, and improvise.

Making more use of my hellstrap is one way to even up punishment. My hellstrap is a shorter than normal tawse and I adore using it in a very spiteful way which leaves his right bottom cheek unscathed. To add venom to strokes with my hellstrap I adopt a wrap-around technique, where I have Robert secured, helplessly over our whipping bench with his bare bottom gaping. I stand close to his head, then bring the hellstrap down on his left flank, causing the tails to curl around his left bottom cheek, and with luck, sending the tawse tips to accelerate into his bottom cleft. It’s not easy to get it just right, because the target area is unsighted, but a carefully positioned mirror can help. When I do get it right the result is deliciously excruciating. The hellstrap will bite in with a resounding ‘crack’, and Robert will go into a frenzy of futile struggling and squealing, as he tries, and fails, to clench his bottom cheeks. Robert always wears a padded thong for punishment, and that is essential when using the hellstrap in the way I like to.

Yesterday I decided that, with Robert still recovering from a sound bare bottom caning of just over a week ago, I would amuse myself by treating him to hellstrap workshop to hone my skills. With no particular number of strokes in mind, I began to apply the hellstrap to his naked, gaping bottom, gradually increasing the wrap-around element of each stroke. Robert was soon gasping and wriggling.

I gradually increased the severity and spitefulness until I reached an absolutely exquisite moment when I managed to administer about six, brisk, real crackers right into his bottom cleft in succession. He went into a complete frenzy of writhing and shrieking. And then came the part I always love the most: He started pleading for mercy. It is completely beyond me why, after years as my partner, he hasn’t yet learned that I don’t do mercy. Pleading to me for mercy never, ever, results in anything other than encouraging me to administer strokes with even more venom, and that is exactly what happened. While he writhed and shrieked with even moire urgency, I upped my game to administer another venomous dozen right into his gaping cleft, then continued, gradually working lower, to reach into his inner, upper left thigh. My goodness, what a fuss he made! Delicious.
What fun we had together. After much strenuous and hopeless struggling with his restraints, Robert was sweating so profusely that I almost had to ‘peel’ him off the whipping bench by the time I had eventually finished with him. I was delighted to observe that I had not added a single mark to his right bottom cheek, but looking a little to the left was another story altogether.  He’ll need a few weeks to recover, but I’m already planning his next treat. Another dice game, I think. On the other hand, if we manage to be alone together on the 31st December, I might cane him into the new year to the chimes of Big Ben, as I did a few years ago.



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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. alan says:

    An interesting web-site and I am new here, and I would like to leave a brief comment from my experience. I had the privilege of being subjugated, for four years, by a school mistress who really knew what she was doing with the cane. She never caned me hard, but the sessions always lasted at least 1/2 hour minimum. 8 flicks down one side of my bottom; leaving a gap in between each flick of the cane. And then the same on the other side. Then, with absolute precision and accuracy, she filled in the gaps on both sides. This procedure was repeated a minimum of 2 times and a maximum of 4 times as I grew older. Very clever. No part of my bottom received the cane more than 4times. The administration of the cane was painfully slow; pardon the pun, as each bracket of punishment lasted five minutes followed by a 10 minutes of respite and recovery. I had been thoroughly punished without injury. Mrs Souter had asserted her domination, maintained control, administered judicial punishment and no doubt enjoyed sadistic and erotic pleasure; as well as taking the time to savour her ‘art work’..

    I was to later learn that true sadists all have a preferred instrument, a preferred position for the recipient and a well thought out methodology. Alan

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    I never grow tired of reading of your disciplinary prowess, Ma’am! I’m sure that whilst Robert may cry and plead and beg for mercy, he knows full well how fortunate he truly is to be the sole recipient of Your corrections! I’m currently reading “Dancing Under the Cane”, and will look forward to reading “Horsed and Tawsed”…even the title is intriguing!

    Most Respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  3. Helen says:

    Unsubscribe? Never darling, you have too much fun, and good on you too. One thing I have found (and being a right-hander too) is delivering the strokes back-hand. I am a pretty regular tennis player and that helps but my back-hand is every bit as good as my for-hand. william will attest to that. Actually, I thinks he fears the back-hand more, and I do keep it for special occasions too.

  4. Anton Pelican says:

    Reading your delightful post, I got thinking how special your Robert must be, for a woman like you to have chosen him as a full-time life partner. And how lucky he is, to have been accepted by you!
    I cannot complain, myself, because I have found what’s practically your twin sister, that loves me deeply, just like you do with Robert.
    A curiosity, since one of the hobbies I have is Astrology, that helps me better understand people’s personality: may I ask you what’s your Star Sign?.. Thank you.

    Wishing all the best things to the both of you for this Christmas and the New Year.


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