Robert is almost always in the mood for punishment, and I’m always in the mood to administer a sound thrashing. The result, naturally, is that his bottom is almost always decorated with the marks of a previous thrashing, and I rarely have a ‘blank canvass’ to start with when I punish him.

However, due to circumstances outside our control, including entertaining guests, we recently had to endure a punishment famine, where we didn’t have the opportunity to exercise our passion for over a month. I was getting a bit fidgety, and so was Robert. When it could be seen that the opportunity would shortly present itself, it was Robert, unusually, who took the initiative.

I always cane hard, always, and Robert knows this only too well, and I don’t need any encouragement. However, I was both surprised and delighted when Robert provoked me by complaining that the last caning I’d given him had been ‘far too lenient’. What an unwise remark. When I was a professional disciplinarian I was rarely accused of being too lenient, and those who were foolish enough to do so only did so once. Robert was obviously desperate for a good, hard, caning. I vowed to myself to make sure he got more than he had bargained for.

Funnily enough, I had just finished writing a story, which included a chapter where the gentleman featured was punished by two beautiful disciplinarians in a ‘duet’. Over the years that Robert and I have been partners, he has been punished only by me. In view of his unwise remark, I did wonder if I might arrange to treat him to a ‘duet’. Once the idea had spawned, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Before I met Robert, when I was a professional disciplinarian, I did occasionally ‘duet’ with others, and one lady in particular, had impressed me with her caning skills. Also, she was left handed, which would suit my plan nicely. Research revealed that she was still active, so I phoned her. Madame K (not her real name), remembered me well, and after reminiscing about canings we had enjoyed, I told her what Robert had said, and my idea, she said she would be delighted to help out. Once the time and date had bee agreed, I told Robert when his next caning would take place, but didn’t tell him that Madame K would be joining us. I had given him two days notice, so he had time to anticipate, and perhaps, regret his earlier comments.

Sure enough, on the morning of the caning, he predictably mentioned that he hadn’t really meant it when he had accused me of being too lenient.

“We’ll address that this afternoon, Robert,” I replied, sweetly. “Make sure you have the whipping bench ready by 3.00pm, and I think, for a change we’ll have set up in the lounge, right in the centre.”

He looked as if he was about to ask why, but then thought better of it, probably reasoning that total compliance, without question, might be a good idea.

Robert looked quite nervous as he mounted the whipping bench. I had suspected he might try to postpone the caning, but he remained compliant. I soon had him well strapped down, with his bare bottom presented perfectly for punishment. The front door bell sounded at 3.15, just as I had finished arranging my selection of canes on the dining table.

“Ah, we have a visitor,” I said, as I made for the door.

“Wouldn’t it be better to pretend we’re not in?” suggested Robert, sounding very concerned.

“No, Robert, I’m expecting a guest.”

He looked alarmed as I left the room.

“I don’t think you’ve met Madame K, Robert,” I said, as I returned with my guest a few moments later, “But you might have heard of her. She won awards as hardest caner at numerous events.”

“I’m delighted to meet you, Robert,” said Madame K, as she took off her coat.

She was dressed in a short, black, short sleeved, dress. Her body was shapely, but sturdy. Her limbs muscular and well toned.

“My word, Katrina, you look in very good shape,” I said, as I took her coat.

“I have my reputation as a hard caner to maintain, so I look after myself, and spend a lot of time in the gym. Ah, you have a nice selection of canes,” she said, as she inspected the array of implements I had laid out.

I was delighted to see that Robert looked horrified, as Madame K flexed one of the heavier dragon canes as if she were reacquainting herself with an old friend.

“So, what’s the plan?” asked Madame K, as she now turned her attention to Robert’s up-thrust, bare bottom.

“As I said on the phone, Katrina, Robert accused me of being too lenient when I last caned him. In fact, he said I was ‘far too lenient’. Obviously, such flippancy cannot go unpunished, and I think he deserves a very severe caning. That’s when I thought of the caning duet we administered together.”

“I remember it well. I was the day we finally broke Simon. The same Simon who had bragged that he would never be broken. A superb caning. Thirty-six of the very best, alternate strokes from you and I, administered briskly, using nice, heavy, dragon canes.”

“Yes, that’s what I had in mind, but in Robert’s case, I think it should be forty-eight strokes.”

“That’s a nice round number,” agreed Madame K, “twenty-four each.”

“No, please, that’s too much,” pleaded Robert, now in total panic. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I was saying. I was only joking.”

“Well, we’ll see how funny you find this, Robert,” I said, as I also selected a dragon cane, “and if I want any more advice from you, I’ll ask, so I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself, unless you want your caning increased to sixty strokes.”

No more needed to be said. As Robert sobbed in dread, Madame K took her position to his right, and myself to his left. At a nod and a smile from me, Madame K measured her cane across his helpless bare bottom, adjusting her footing, as I did the same.


Madame K had lost none of her ferocity. The first stroke of forty-eight bit deep into Robert’s deserving bottom with delicious venom.


Not wishing to be outdone, I administered a real scorcher, and to a symphony of pleading, gasping and shrieking, Robert’s caning was administered, briskly and mercilessly.

I don’t think he will accuse me of being too lenient for a while.

I’ve just published a new book called ‘The Anonymous Disciplinarian’, which tell the story of the excruciating adventures of a young man who eventually decides to do something about his craving to be at the mercy of a beautiful woman:


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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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    It’s great to see you back.

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