Very hot indeed, Robert assures me. He is, of course, referring to the heat I recently generated with my lovely, hard, wooden hairbrush, when applied with vigour to his bare bottom.

One of the stories I am currently writing features the hairbrush as the favoured implement of discipline by Mrs Jepsom. Mrs Jepsom likes to administer the hairbrush hard, frequently, and on the bare bottom. She also discovers the delight of hair-brushing a wet, bare bottom. To find out more you will need to read my book (to be published soon).

I like to live the life of my heroine’s where I can. I need to get into their minds, and what better way to do that than to take Robert over my knee and administer a scorching hair-brushing to his squirming bare bottom.

I’ve found, in the past, that he is able to wriggle around too much when I’m blistering his bottom with a hairbrush, and whilst this is a delight to behold, it can become tiresome if it interrupts the punishment.

This time, I tried a new approach. I fitted leather cuffs to his wrists before hauling him, naked, over my lap. Each cuff is fitted with a sturdy metal ring, and with the additional aid of a length of rope, I secured his wrists behind the back of his knees. This rendered him helpless, well bent over, with his bare bottom perfectly presented for the hair brush.

I do have plenty of energy, and I think Robert would agree. I subjected his bare bottom cheeks to a deliciously energetic spanking. He gasped and writhed and squealed, as my brush cracked down hard across every part of his churning bottom cheeks. It was wonderful to watch the colours mature into a deep purple. I’ve no idea how many strokes he endured, suffice to say that I lost count at fifty. We were both breathless by the time I released him and allowed him to slip off my lap onto the floor.

As Robert remained on his knees, clutching his burning bottom, whimpering, I stood to take a look at myself in the mirror. My face was flushed from the exertion and excitement. My efforts had also left my hair a little de-shelved, so I brushed it. I smiled to myself as I realised that in all the years I had owned this beautiful brush, it had never before been used for brushing hair.

I plan to publish my book featuring Mrs Jepsom’s hairbrush soon. However, I am also writing another book under my pen-name of Amanda Barrington. Her first book, ‘Theatre of Correction’ has been extremely popular, and this may well be published first (after Robert has checked it for errors – he better not miss any this time!).

Finally, entries for my 2014 Six of the Best Caning Competition have now closed. The entries can be found by logging into FetLife:

My name on this site is ABee

To vote, find my profile, click on ‘view pics’ (under the picture of me caning Robert), then ‘love’ your favourite picture. The winning entry will be decided by the picture that receives the most loves by the end of this month (May).

Robert should be fit for another caning by the end of the month, so I thought it would be fun to try replicating the six cane marks of the winning entry on his bottom – then fill in all the gaps, of course.Image

About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Reynard Ransack says:

    Even at age 70, my bare bottom still cowers under the firm application of my wooden hairbrush. The crisp, cracking bite of solid wood against my full, round, creamy smooth bumcheeks (because I’d been naughty) is critical for a spanking’s soundness.

    Of course, a hairbrush is typically brought in towards the end of a handspanking in the same way that a ‘closer’ is brought in late in a baseball game to secure the win for his team. It’s fine to have an open palm reliably warm and redden an upturned backside. But the corrective message being sent by any self-respecting spanking is emphatically punctuated by the fiercely stinging smacks of a helpless, bare bottom’s wooden nemesis.

  2. writingthebody says:

    I love the way you do your research! Lucky Robert!

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