As you may have gathered, the cane rules in our house. I have never found any implement that has quite the same delicious combination of qualities. I love the feel of a flexible, swishy cane. I love the sound as it whistles through the air, followed by the sharp ‘CRACK’ as it bites into the flesh of a presented bare bottom. Most of all, I adore the reaction it coaxes from the recipient, especially when applied hard. The writhing and squealing as the agony sinks in is a joy to behold.

However, the tawse is a close second. They come in a multitude of weights and sizes and can range from mild to very severe. It will come as no surprise that I like the very severe ones. My interest in the tawse has led me to read something of its history, and I thought it might be fun for Robert and I to carry out some research together. I decided to set him the task of learning as much as he could about the tawse, while I did the same. Then I would set him a test of ten questions. The test would be conducted in examination conditions and anything less than ten out of ten would result in strokes of the tawse. I told him each wrong answer could earn him six strokes with my favourite tawse, hard, on the bare bottom.

Here’s the test I set Robert. Why not try it yourself to see how many strokes you deserve:
(answers in a few days)
1. From where does the name the name ‘tawse’ derive?
2. Name the most famous tawse?
3. Name the Scottish gentleman, born in 1882, who began producing this tawse in 1924?
4. Apart from tawses and other leather products, including, harness, footballs and hand bags, what other trade did this gentleman engage in.
5. Name the son who took over the business in 1950?
6. This tawse is usually stamped with an abbreviation of its weight. Name them?
7. What factor, in one year, contributed to a fifty percent increase in the sales of tawses to schools in Scotland?
8. The tawse was traditionally applied to the palm of the hand. How and where, does Annie Bee prefer to administer it?
9. Which weight of tawse should be used by Annie Bee to correct wrong answers to this test?
10. Do you consider six strokes for each wrong answer sufficient? Explain your answer?

Robert’s results, alas, were disappointing. He’d had ample opportunity to prepare for this test, but for reasons best known to himself, had chosen to skimp.

“You are the architect of your own destiny, Robert,” I said, with a sigh, as I tightened the restraints that secured him to the whipping bench, rendering his exposed bare bottom perfectly presented for the tawse.

“I think the extra heavy Lochgelly tawse is the appropriate choice for your correction today, Robert,” I explained, as I sat down to calculate how many strokes he had earned for his wrong answers.

I will publish Robert’s test results and subsequent punishment in a few days, together with the correct answers to the test.
In the meantime, do please cast your vote in my six of the best caning competition. Voting is open until the end of this month (May 2014).
Details here: http://www.anniebeebooks.com/id9.html




About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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