It dawned on me recently that I haven’t used my hairbrush for a while – for spanking that is. So I thought it was about time to brush up on my technique. As Robert knows only too well, a vigorous bare bum blistering with a hairbrush is an excruciating experience.

The hairbrush I like to use (pictured below) is actually a clothes brush, and I think it’s better than most hairbrushes for administering severe spankings, and as regular readers of my blog will know, I only do two levels of spanking – severe and very severe. This brush is the perfect size (30 cm long), with plenty of weight (150 grams) and the back of the brush is smooth and hard with nice rounded edges. It stings like the devil and causes spectacular bruises.

I like to use the hairbrush for over the knee spankings. It’s a more intimate experience than using a whipping bench. I can get in close to my target and I adore feeling Robert writhing about on my lap when the agony gets too much for him. The main problem I have found is that he is inclined to try to reach back with his hand to protect his bottom when the going gets too hot for him, and I do worry that I might damage his hand. The solution I employed for yesterday’s spanking was to secure his hands together high up behind his back, attached to a leather strap around his neck. This renders his hands and arms totally useless. I sat on our bed in such a way that he was able to bend over my left thigh and rest his upper torso on the bed beside me. My skirt had been hitched up, so I could scissor his thighs between mine.

As I said, I like to spank with vigour, so I soon had him squealing and writhing around deliciously on my lap, and the close up view I had of his reddening bottom dancing under the brush was a delight. I’ve learned that the build up of ‘sting’ that results from applying the hairbrush fast and hard to the same spot is unbearable, so obviously this is what I do. I decided the magic number would be six, so I applied six real stingers to his right bottom cheek, then six to his left. I then immediately delivered six nice hard brisk strokes to his lower right bottom cheek, just where it meets the top of his thigh, then administered six to his lower left cheek. By now his bottom was glowing red, but not quite red enough, so I repeated the entire procedure. My goodness, what a fuss he made! His bottom wriggled crazily as she gasped and squealed, and it took all the power I had in my thighs to keep him scissored.

His bottom cheeks were now very red and I was about to declare his punishment over when I thought I heard him mutter a swear word under his breath. I don’t approve of bad language, especially in the presence of a lady – me.

“I will not tolerate the use of bad language when I am spanking you, Robert,” I said, as I tightened my grip on him with my thighs again.

The number that now came to mind was twelve, so although it would be quite tiring for me, I decided to administer twelve blisteringly hard and brisk strokes to each bottom cheek and then twelve to each lower cheek. It was a delightfully noisy finale to the spanking. He squealed, gasped and writhed for all he was worth to the accompaniment CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! of my hairbrush.

I was quite out of breath by the time I had finished and Robert’s bare bottom was turning purple and quite swollen. As soon as I had released his wrists he rushed to the freezer for the bag of frozen peas he uses to put out the fire in his bottom. I think Robert had forgotten just how painful the hairbrush can be and he will have a very sore bottom for some days.

On the subject of sore bottoms, my latest book ‘Punishment Project Two’, written under my pen name, Amanda Barrington, features more very severe discipline administered by Martha and her friends. A thrashing from Martha with her bespoke, weighted tawse re-defines agony: Punishment Project Two



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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    A quite delightful read, Ma’am…thank you for sharing your spanking adventures and Robert’s agony…I have always loved your no-nonsense approach to corporal punishment! I’m off to Amazon now to buy Punishment Project!

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