After thrashing Robert soundly and regularly for several years, I now like to think I can read his body language and verbal emissions like a book. He sometimes tries to deliberately mislead me. For example, when he starts pleading things like ‘Please, Miss. I can’t take any more’, I know what he really means is ‘You’re being far too lenient, Miss, please thrash me harder’. This is an unwritten interpretation that I think we both understand.

Take this morning, for example: I felt in the mood to tawse his bare bottom as soon as I was up. I usually like to give Robert a day’s notice, but this nicety had to be put to one side. After inspecting his bottom to ensure he was sufficiently recovered from his last thrashing, I ordered him to prepare the whipping bench. He’s wise enough not to argue, although he did mention that he normally gets a bit more notice.

“Of course you can have more notice, Robert,” I said, “as long as you are happy for me to double the twenty-four strokes you are to receive today.”

On reflection, he decided to accept the twenty-four strokes today, although I was just a little irritated by his negative observation.

He knows he must wear a special, protective thong when the tawse is to be used because I like to curl the tawse around his bottom cheek so the tawse tips accelerate into his gaping bottom cleft. The whipping bench is specifically designed to keep his upturned bottom cheeks parted and his thighs well apart so I have unrestricted access to all those delightfully sensitive areas that can’t easily be reached with my canes.
When I had him secured I decided to have a little chat before starting:

“Now I know you like me to tawse you hard, Robert, because it pleases me. That’s right, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss,” he replied. He sounded hesitant.

“Well I’ll do my best, but just to be sure that I do tawse you as hard as you want me to, let’s agree a plan: I expect you to accept this tawsing in complete silence, but if, at any time, you think I am being too lenient, all you have to do is break the silence. Any sound will do. It will be our code that you want me to thrash you more severely. Does that sound like a good idea?”

“Well, I’m not sure Miss,” he replied, once more sounding quite negative about my perfectly reasonable idea.

“Are you disagreeing with me, Robert?” I asked, now irritated.

“Are you deliberately trying to annoy me because you don’t think twenty-four strokes is enough?”

“No, Miss,” he replied, with some urgency in his voice, “I think it’s a very good idea.”

“Good. Then I shall begin.”

I selected my well worn heavy Lochgelly tawse, then measured it across his gaping bottom. With just twenty-four strokes to administer, I wanted to make sure each one was perfect. I decided to aim the tips into his bottom cleft with every stroke. Further more, I decided to accentuate the ‘wrap around’ effect by standing close to his head. This causes the tips to curl in with more venom, but it’s a harder stroke to administer because the target area becomes unsighted. That’s why we have a floor standing mirror in the punishment room. I arranged the mirror behind him to give me a good view of his bare bottom, then took my position with the tawse. I adjusted my position so the that tawse tips were about an inch short of their target, as I have learned that centrifugal force will extend the tips when a venomous stroke is administered.


The tawsing began. There’s nothing quite like the sound of a heavy leather tawse biting hard into the bare flesh of a helpless bottom.

Initially, Robert was totally silent, so I concluded that he thought the tawsing was hard enough, but about half way through he began to make gurgling noises, then he made a squealing noise. I stopped at once.

“I take it from that, Robert, that you think I’m being too lenient. That poses a problem, because I can’t tawse you much harder than I already am, so I’ll have to start again with the extra heavy Lochgelly tawse.”

He started to protest, but I warned him that I would be delighted to double the number of strokes. He shut up.

The extra heavy Lochgelly is stiffer, so strokes must be very hard if one wants to be sure it will flex enough to reach the parts where the tips can be really effective. So this is what I proceeded to do.

Of course, Robert was totally unable to take the tawsing that followed without fuss. He shrieked and writhed in the most delicious manner as my tawse found its mark again and again. The whipping bench began to creak almost at once, and that reminded me that I had told him last time to reinforce the joints, and he hadn’t done it.

“You will receive a dozen of the very best with my dragon cane for not reinforcing the whipping bench,” I informed him, pausing with the tawse for a moment.
So after administering a most delightful tawsing, I treated him to a dozen of the very best with my beautiful dragon cane. Then I suddenly remembered the spelling mistake I had had pointed out to me by a customer in my latest short story, ‘First Caning’. Robert is required to spell check my writing and I do not tolerate errors. So I informed him that his last caning of the day would be due to an error in ‘First Caning’. He received an additional six of the best.

What a sore bottom he now has! He’s currently clutching a bag of frozen peas to it to put out the fire. We keep them in the freezer specifically for this purpose and they are labelled ‘NOT FOR CONSUMPTION’ as they’ve been partially defrosted on his burning bottom so many times.

As soon as the fire in his bottom has cooled he’s off to the local DIY store to buy what he needs to reinforce the whipping bench. If I hear one creak out of it next time he will be in very serious trouble.

While I wait for his bottom to heal I shall finish my latest book. It’s s sequel to the very popular book, ‘Punishment Project’, written under my pen name of Amanda Barrington.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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2 Responses to READING THE SIGNS

  1. David says:

    The idea that making a noise is an indication that the tawsing is not sufficiently severe is ingenious. I must pass this suggestion on to my Mistress who loves using her tawses on my unblemished bottom.

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank you for sharing your latest thrashing of Robert, Ma’am! I always enjoy reading of your disciplinary exploits! And of course, I love all of your books!

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