It’s a little over a week since I administered Robert’s delightful thirty-six stroke caning. A bottom inspection this morning confirmed that it will be at least another two weeks before he’s fit for punishment. I’m not sure if I can last that long, but it doesn’t stop me making plans.

I think I’ll conduct a timed tawsing study when I next have Robert’s bare bottom presented for punishment. I happen to know that the tawsings he really fears are those where the tawse is applied briskly and hard to the same area of his bottom. He says the build up of agony, as the tawse tails bite into the same spot, is excruciating. What better way to achieve this than to administer a timed tawsing where the objective is to apply as many hard strokes as possible within a set time. Even thirty seconds would be an eternity of agony for Robert. A full minute would take him to another world.

But before I treat him to this I intend to carry out a long overdue experiment. I have a reasonable collection of tawses, and of those I have three favourites:

1. My shorter two tailed heavy tawse. Heavy but flexible, christened ‘The Hellstrap’.

2. My standard two tailed heavy Scottish tawse.

3. My extra heavy two tailed Lochgelly tawse.

Just one good hard stroke from any of these across a well presented bare bottom is a very painful experience, as Robert knows only too well, but the winner, in terms of agony, would be the extra heavy Lochgelly.

However, this may not be the case when administering a timed tawsing, and this is what I intend to explore. The shorter tawses can be applied at a considerably brisker pace, and are easier to control, so accuracy is also enhanced. I have a suspicion that Robert might conclude that a minute of attention from ‘The Hellstrap’ might be the longest minute of his life.

To conduct this experiment I will secure Robert over my new whipping frame. I’ve described and illustrated this in an earlier blog. This frame is designed to lay on top of a bed and secure the recipient with his bare bottom raised up and gaping – perfect for exploring all those sensitive areas, such as bottom cleft and inner thighs with the tails of a tawse. Clenching of the cheeks is impossible, no matter how much futile effort is afforded – yummy!

The tawse is applied from above, which means the weight of the tawse is added to the momentum put into it by my arm. It also means I can tawse him from either side, so marks are more symmetrical. I’ve just made a rule about this – any tawsing given from one side, MUST be repeated from the other (I must make sure Robert adds this to my list of golden rules).

I will select a tawse, and with the aid of a kitchen timer, I will record how many hard, accurate strokes I can administer in fifteen seconds. I will then repeat this from his other side to confirm the figure. I will repeat this procedure with the other two tawses. With a bit of maths and allowing a few seconds each time to get started, I will then grade each tawse with a strokes per minute rating. I will also compile my own writhing and squealing rating as I observe Robert’s reaction to each tawse and I will conclude by asking Robert which tawse he would least want to feel again. He might lie, but if I suspect this I will probably repeat the entire experiment. By the end of the experiment I hope to have a good idea on which tawse can inflict the most agony in one minute. Then all that remains is for me to decide how I shall fill my time during the next minute, or so. Shouldn’t be too difficult to decide. I’ll report on my experiment in due course. DSC_9059


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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Never felt a tawse, but I just discovered the pain of caning last night. That **** is intense.

    • Gary Shirley says:

      Hi,I have never been tawsed but I am caned about once every 4-6weeks and I think the cane must be the best/worst punishment.
      The speed that can be achieved depending on my behaviour is something else.I am caned as a stress release for my wife.
      I hate being caned but I feel wonderful after I have been caned.

  2. Master Anton says:

    Another delightful post…you’re able to excite the reader with just the anticipation of what’s to come…

  3. Major says:

    That sounds like an excellent way to remove any doubt as to which tawse is the more effective in a timed thrashing.Well thought out plan Madam.

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