I carried out a bottom inspection yesterday morning and was delighted to conclude that Robert had recovered sufficiently from his thirty-six stroke caning to be declared fit for punishment. I immediately gave him notice that the timed tawsing test would commence in twenty-four hours. Robert would be required to assemble the whipping frame and prepare the tawses, restraining straps, timer and be waiting for me, naked, at precisely 9.00am the following morning. I was delighted to see fear flash through his eyes.

Later yesterday morning I re-read my blog of the 21st July to remind myself of my plans for him. My word, reading it really put me in the mood to thrash him. I was so hungry to have his bare bottom dancing to the tune of my tawses, and watch him writhe and hear him squeal as the tawses cracked down hard across his helpless bare bottom, that I almost brought the whole exercise forward to yesterday afternoon. Now I wish I had.

Instead, I went to the gym. I like to keep fit, and I especially like to partake in exercises that will enhance the severity of my disciplinary skills. And so I went into my standard gym program with an abundance of enthusiasm. As I pumped the weights with my arms I was visualising the effect of my tawses on Robert’s helpless bare bottom. Goodness knows what my fellow gym users thought of all the breathless grunting I realised I was making.

As soon as I climbed out of bed this morning I realised I’d overdone it in the gym. I’d pulled a muscle in my right arm, and as any serious disciplinarian will realise, this is a disaster. When I informed Robert that his tawsing would need to be postponed, he looked so pleased that I was tempted to send him off for a thrashing to one of the professional disciplinarians I sometimes worked with when I was professional myself.

Instead, I have decided to exercise patience. I have told Robert that his obvious glee at learning of my injured arm will cost him dear. As soon as my right arm has recovered I will well and truly wipe that smile off his face. A full report will follow in due course.

About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Major says:

    Madam I am so sorry that you over did it and have come up with a sore arm.
    As a massage therapist I would say use some ice on the sore area and get a good therapeutic massage. Best to you and Robert.

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