I’ve been neglecting my blog a little lately, but I certainly haven’t been neglecting the regular thrashing of Robert’s bare bottom. I like to apply variety to my thrashings, to make sure Robert never knows what to expect, and I’ve recently been using a dice to decide his fate. I’ve developed all sorts of dice games, some of which I’ve detailed in my website, but generally, the higher the number shown by a tossed dice, the sorer his bottom will be. The nice thing about dice games is that it removes decision making. We both agree to abide by the rules of the game, and if the dice don’t roll Robert’s way, then it’s my responsibility to administer the appropriate punishment. My punishments are always delivered hard. That is a rule set in stone, I never moderate my strokes, so if Robert has a run of bad luck, he’s guaranteed a very sore bottom.

I’ve also added two new rules that must be complied with. The first is that, when Robert is secured over my whipping bench, he must always feel the cane. I’m increasingly incorporating the tawse and hellstrap into my dice games (more on the hellstrap later). It’s quite conceivable that we will play an entire game where the cane is not brought into use. The new rule is, that if I announce that a game is over, and the cane has not seen use, then Robert must request six very hard strokes with the cane before I release him from his restraints. If he fails to make the request promptly, or fails to specify that the strokes must be very hard, then I will administer either twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four very hard strokes, using the dice to decide which. Obviously, I prefer it when he fails to make his request.

Being right handed, it is Robert’s right bottom cheek that receives most attention. To make amends for this, I now use my hellstrap more frequently. Regular readers of my blog will know that my hellstrap is a bespoke, shortened tawse, and I use it to curl around his left bottom cheek, resulting in the very spiteful tawse tips biting into the tender flesh between his bottom cheeks. He always wears a protective thong to keep his bits safe. When I employ what I call a ‘wrap-around’ technique, the hellstrap can be excruciating. The problem is, I need to stand close to his head to get real venom into these strokes, so the target area is unsighted, and I can’t always be sure if my strokes are as accurate as they need to be. The tawse tips can often drift over to his right bottom cheek. Robert, of course, will know exactly where each stroke bites in, and the new rule is that he must report any stray strokes to me after each batch. If he reports a stray stroke, then I repeat the entire batch for batches up to six strokes. If I even suspect that he has failed to report a stray stroke, the I not only repeat the batch, but double it.

As you can imagine, Robert is a seasoned recipient of the cane and tawse. When I secure him over my whipping bench he has a pretty good idea of what to expect. To keep him on his toes, I am constantly thinking up punishments to shock him, but I have to confess that there is nothing more exciting than introducing somebody who has never been punished to the cane, and that is something I do miss. When I was a professional disciplinarian, I was privileged to administer quite a few first canings. I was able to witness the shock of a virgin recipient as he felt his first ever stroke of the cane. The moment when fantasy becomes reality can be a real surprise. A cane, applied with some vigour to a bare bottom can be considerably more painful that many imagine, and it can be a joy to behold the reaction. Unfortunately, there can only be one first stroke, and Robert’s first stroke was absorbed by him long before I had the pleasure of thrashing him. It’s now been many years since I enjoyed introducing a cane virgin to the excruciating delights of the real thing, but I am able to write about it.

My latest short story, ‘Fantasy to Reality’ is, I hope you will find, a delightful tale about a young man who craves the kiss of the cane, but lacks the courage to take the first step. Fortunately, an observant neighbour takes the step for him.




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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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