Robert and I are faithful to each other, and that extends to the administration of discipline. I haven’t thrashed a bare bottom other than Robert’s for several years, and Robert has received discipline from only me during the same period.

It was not always like this. As a professional disciplinarian I caned, tawsed and whipped a wide variety of bare bottoms, and it was during that time that I met Robert. Robert had reported to numerous disciplinarians for the punishment he needed until he met me. It was an exciting and enjoyable time. It was Robert’s idea to see if we might try to relive the past, and after hearing his idea, I embraced it at once. I would take on a new persona, become a different person. I rarely use bad language, so, to distance myself from Annie Bee, I decided to call myself MISTRESS FUCKING MERCILESS, making it quite clear that the unexpected should be expected. I’m quite sure I will be able to slip into my new role effortlessly. Each time I write a book try to I put myself in the position of the ‘heroine’ so I know how to adjust my mindset. I took over the development of his idea from that point on.

I decided that Robert would only ever meet MFM when he was already secured over the whipping bench. He would never know when she might appear. At some point during a future punishment, I would leave the room. MFM would appear shortly afterwards. She would always wear a mask, making it impossible for Robert to read her face or see her smile. I’ve already bought the mask, and I love the expressionless face (see photograph). There is always the option of painting some features on her at some time in the future.

I have been punishing Robert regularly for so long now that he can sometimes anticipate what I have planned for him. That will change when he makes the acquaintance of MFM. She could even be a different disciplinarian each time he meets her. At the first meeting, I have decided, she will set the bar higher than Annie Bee, taking discipline to a new level. Rules on noise and fuss will be enforced more rigorously and penalties will be harsher. Strokes of the cane and tawse will be administered with maximum severity and nothing but perfection will suffice. If there is the slightest doubt about the severity of just one stroke, then Robert can expect the entire batch to be repeated.

Pleading for mercy will be absolutely forbidden with draconian penalties imposed if MFM so much as suspects the idea is even being considered.

MFM’s idea of fun is experimenting with implements, making strokes as spiteful as possible. If she manages to make her subject squeal, so much the better. There is always a price to pay for fuss. Whole batches will be repeated, or doubled, for the slightest reason. But MFM doesn’t need a reason to repeat batches – she can do so just for the fun of it. She doesn’t need to justify anything she does, but she might enjoy explaining her thought process to her helpless subject. Imagine that she has just administered six agonising strokes with a particularly spiteful implement, that had her subject gasping. I can already hear her voice and imagine the things she might say:

“That was fun. I think I’ll repeat it. On second thoughts, I think I’ll double it.”

“I don’t think they were quite as hard as I would have liked. I’ll have to repeat the whole batch.”

“Stroke number five didn’t sound quite right to me. I think I’ll repeat the whole batch.”

“That still wasn’t quite hard enough. I think I’ll repeat it again.”

“I’m quite impressed that you managed to take those in silence. Well done. However, the reason might be that they weren’t spiteful enough, so I’d better repeat them to see if I can add a bit more venom.”

“You made too much fuss that time Robert. Let’s see if you can show a bit more self control while I repeat the entire batch. I’ll see if I can make it just a little harder this time.”

“Do you think they were hard enough, Robert? Do you think, perhaps, that I should repeat them? I’m disappointed that you don’t agree, so I’m going to double the strokes and make them a bit harder too. Perhaps that will help you realise that you must never disagree with me. My purpose is to make your punishment as painful as possible. Your purpose is to accept whatever I deem appropriate and without question.”

I think you have an idea of her mindset. No matter how hard Robert may try to comply with her instructions, she will always find excuses to repeat and double thrashings.

Annie Bee can sometimes exercise reason and fairness when deciding on punishment. MFM will not be so predictable. Although Annie Bee is a very strict and harsh disciplinarian, she does occasionally exercise compassion. MFM doesn’t know the meaning of the word. As her name suggests, she is totally merciless. When Robert meets MFM it will be the beginning of a journey into the unknown. He won’t be able to anticipate anything. The blank masked face of MFM will tell him nothing. I seem to have written my way into MFM’s mindset already.

Robert hasn’t yet met MFM, and he doesn’t know when he will. Nor do I. She will make her first appearance when Annie Bee feels the time is right to slip into her shoes. He’s told me that the prospect of meeting MFM terrifies him. I’ve told him that I suspect his fears are more than justified. I’ll let you know how their first meeting goes in due course. In the meantime I think I’ll get Robert to reinforce the joints of the whipping bench. They do tend to creak a little when Robert is being subjected to particularly severe punishment. Perhaps MFM will redefine ‘severe’.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Ken says:

    I would love to be introduced to MFM. Ken.

  2. Steven says:

    I think Robert should be in terror of meeting MFM whilst tied up in knots of anticipation at the prospect of even more merciless treatment. That mask will truly strike terror the first time MFM enters the room.

  3. Snton Pelican says:

    I think I feel a slight tinge of pity for your poor Robert… lol
    But on the other hand, I’m maybe a little envious of him… Meeting MFM would be a thing that any serious lover of corporal punishment should look forward to.

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