But it put a smile on his bottom, many smiles. Let me explain: I was rummaging through my old bag of discipline equipment when I came across an implement I had forgotten about. I wasn’t even sure what the proper name for it was. It’s a leather loop with an attractive, turned wooden handle. I applied it to the bare bottoms of a few clients quite early in my career as a professional disciplinarian, and the general consensus was that could impart quite a sting. However, it was the kiss of the cane and the tawse that were usually deemed more appropriate, and my leather loop was forgotten – until last week.

When I showed it to my partner, Robert, he confessed that he’d never felt one applied to his bottom. That situation was soon rectified, and after a few whacks he confirmed that it did indeed sting quite a bit, but I felt it lacked enough weight to really bite in. I like my thrashings to be absolutely excruciating. ‘Sting quite a bit’ is simply not good enough. I did, however, notice that each stroke of the loop left a lovely ‘smile’ shaped red mark on his bottom, and that decided me to get my hands on a loop that would make more of an impression. Robert was given instructions to either acquire or make one that I would meet my requirements. Robert knows that he is most wise to comply with my instructions, so he scurried off to see what he could do.

The following day he presented me with a loop made from a length of round, electrical flex. It has considerable weight and is quite flexible. Giving him a few strokes over his presented clothed bottom was enough to confirm that it was a satisfyingly spiteful little implement with a lot of bite. Like the tawse, it can reach places that the cane can’t, but I soon discovered that it can flick back to catch the administrator’s wrist, so requires the wearing of a long leather glove. I was keen to give it a thorough test, so Robert was instructed to assemble the whipping bench.

I was delighted to see, as I later strapped Robert down, naked, over the whipping bench, that his bottom was already decorated with a few distinct smiles. As these were the result of only moderate/light strokes over clothing, I was very keen to see what nice hard strokes on the bare could achieve. Robert was wearing a protective thong to keep his ‘bits’ safe, so I was free to explore the target presented with cheerful abandon. And that is what I did.

I quickly discovered that, being such flexible implement with a very smooth finish, it had a tendency to glance off his bottom. This had not been such a problem when he had clothing on, but on naked flesh it was. I changed my position to stand closer to his head. This enabled me to administer ‘wrap-around’ strokes. This method worked brilliantly. It means the target is largely unsighted, but I positioned our floor standing mirror to give me a view of where the loop was biting in. Now I was able to really get down to some seriously severe strokes. A good ‘wrap-around’ will accelerate the ‘smile’ part of the loop wonderfully and add real venom.

My word, what a fuss he made! As I began the enthusiastic and vigorous exploration of his gaping, presented bottom, he squealed and wriggled deliciously. It was wonderful to watch white smiles spring up after each stroke, then fill with colour. He went into a frenzy of futile struggling and squealing as I laid a pattern of smiles along his bottom cleft, and was shrieking pitifully as I turned my attention to his upper, inner thigh.

Poor Robert thought it was over when, after about thirty strokes, I put down the loop, then slipped off my leather glove. However, his relief was short lived. I informed him that I was merely taking a tea break to watch his weals mature, before continuing the exercise. He pleaded to be let free, saying that he couldn’t take any more, so I replaced the glove, picked up the loop then administered six, harsh, penalty strokes. He knows only too well that pleading for mercy is strictly forbidden. Will he never learn? I hope not.

“The pattern on your bottom reminds me of the 1950s wallpaper my grandmother had in her lounge,” I said to Robert, as I sat sipping Earl Grey tea, admiring the overlapping red and purple crescent weals my new loop had produced.

Robert, wisely, resisted the urge to plead for mercy again.

“The colour is different, of course,” I continued. “My grandmother’s wallpaper was a sickly green, and your pattern of crescents looks a bit sparse, but I’ll rectify that when I’ve finished my tea.”

I felt a smile appear on my face as Robert groaned in despair. Robert groaned again, several minutes later when, refreshed and rested, I slipped on my glove and picked up the loop. I had the feel of the loop by now and with a little more wrist action I was confident that I would be able to put even more venom into the strokes.

The next few minutes were an absolute joy. As Robert squealed and writhed, I applied the loop to his squirming bare bottom with spite and severity. It was glorious to see it bite deep into his trembling, squirming flesh and to hear the resultant squeals. Once again, the strokes that bit into his bottom cleft and inner, upper thigh produced the most delicious reactions, but I tried to make sure that his bottom cheeks received their fair share of attention too.

The thrashing ceased after about thirty more strokes and his bottom was a mass of colourful smiles. Once again, poor Robert thought it was over. I saw his body gradually relax as the fire in his bottom began to fade.

“You did make rather a lot of fuss, Robert,” I said.

He looked around in dread to see that I was still holding the loop.

“I think you deserve a final six strokes,” I said, “If you take them in silence I will declare your punishment over.”

Poor Robert tried so hard to stay quiet, and I tried so hard to make sure he found it impossible. I put absolutely everything into the six strokes that followed and he squealed and wriggled for all he was worth, so I gave him another six.

What a lovely little implement my new loop has proved to be. Robert tells me the sting is eye-wateringly intense. He tells me that it is made from 7mm diameter electrical flex and it measures about 40cm long as seen in the photograph, but the shape lengthens and narrows when it is wielded, producing a more pronounced ‘smile’ on the flesh. I may get him to make me some variants, perhaps using other materials, such as rubber, or perhaps implements incorporating more than one loop, but I shall definitely have his bare bottom dancing under a loop again before too long.

On other matters: I may have looked to be unproductive this year, but I have several new books almost ready to publish, and I’ve just published ‘Dancing Under the Cane’. Others to follow in due course, including one that just has to include a loop.

Finally – FACEBOOK! Over the years I’ve put a lot of time into building up an entertaining facebook profile. I’ve uploaded many interesting images, keeping them what I believed to be ‘decent’, and I’ve amassed almost three thousand friends. Facebook have closed me down. For the time being I will leave it closed. You can still find me on FetLife where my profile name is ABee.

Happy spanking.



About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Stevieboy says:

    Thank you So much for such a wonderful and enlightening update. It was well worth the wait. I am sure Robert has already learned to fear what your new loop can do. Having myself been on the painful end of an electrical flex whipping I know something of how terrible it can be. However I doubt it was nearly as hard as the one you delivered!

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You, Ma’am for sharing this wonderful new adventure with your fans! If you had a fan club, I’d be a dues paying member! I love your books and I love your blog! I will be buying “Dancing under the cane” today!
    The simple statement, “I like my thrashings to be absolutely excruciating”, thrills the submissive and masochist in me…it says so very much about you…you are a rarity, Ma’am! Thank You!

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