The heroines in my stories, like myself, usually have, or develop, a passion for administering corporal punishment. They are also usually beautiful, and Robert, wisely, tells me I am too. However, in my stories, my heroines can also have access to anything that my imagination chooses to gift them. In my soon to be published story, ‘Dancing Under the Cane’ Karla is the heroine, and she is based on somebody I once worked with.

Before I became a professional disciplinarian, I worked briefly in an office. I was totally unsuited to the job because I am unable to take instructions, especially from men. (I prefer to give instructions to men, and to cane them.) Karla arrived as a temporary filing clerk, and within a short time had impressed the management with her initiative and energy. On the first day she observed that the filing system was in a mess and asked the office manager if she could tidy it up. She used her lunch breaks over the following days to do just that. I remember thinking to myself that, had she stayed, she might have ended up running the company. In my forthcoming story, she does. She also takes delight in caning and tawsing the male member of staff she appoints as her assistant.

Success in business gives Karla the resources to indulge in her passion for administering discipline, and her imagination leads her to devise, and have made, an ingenious whipping bench that renders her victim totally helpless, bottom presented for punishment, while allowing enough freedom of movement for her to delight in watching his bottom wriggle, weave, clench and unclench, as she decorates it with her canes. I’d love a whipping bench like this, but I don’t have a secret basement to hide it. Karla does. Details of how the whipping bench works, along with another punishment structure Karla commissions, will be in the book, along with detailed descriptions of the delicious thrashings she administers in her punishment chamber.

While I don’t have the resources of Karla, I do have her imagination, and I have a large selection of canes, whips, tawses and hairbrushes. I also have a partner, Robert, who’s bottom needs regular chastisement, so I don’t feel in the least bit hard done by. My latest fun game with Robert has been to hold a quiz night, where I ask him general knowledge questions and he get punished for each wrong answer. Here’s how it works:
(Robert to be secured over the whipping bench, naked)


4 Questions.

2 strokes for each wrong answer, and 4 strokes for the last question plus 4 strokes with each or any implements not yet used.

Toss 8 sided dice after each wrong answer to decide on implement:

1 – 2 = Hellstrap (my short, heavy, two tailed tawse)
3 – 4 = Hairbrush
5 – 6 = Lochgelly Tawse
7 – 8 = Senior Cane

As round one, except increase strokes to 6 for the first three wrong answers.

The penalty for getting the final question wrong is 12 strokes with an implement chosen by the dice, plus penalties, but first he is to receive 6 strokes with each implement that otherwise will not feature in round two.

We’ve tried this quiz, or variants of it, a few times now, and Robert has always ended up with a very sore and colourful bottom. Obviously, as it is I who chooses the questions, they are suitably hard. In fact, I don’t think he’s got a single one right yet.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Gramps says:

    Just finished reading Dancing Under the Cane and I think this one’s your best yet! Well told! What I wouldn’t give to have Crispin’s luck!

  2. Walter Scott says:

    I have to agree with Helen Smith she “understands” we naughty boys only too well.

  3. Yes I accept the reason Ma’am, you can’t clearly take instruction from men at your previous job

  4. Helen Smith says:

    Dear Annie, You poor thing. A sore arm. Well, any physio would tell you that you needs LOTS of exercise to build up wasted muscle and I am sure that you have pleasant e that you could and indeed should carry out. REGULARLY. And have no worries about the dungeon or whipping be3nch. Just think, Robert will be wetting himself each and every time you order the whipping bench you have, assembled. Take your time, he’ll wait ….. and wait and wait. So delicious the mental torment isn’t it? I often d that to William. Let him know that he will be thrashed but at a time of my choosing later in the day. Oh, how attentive he becomes. Still he gets full measure. he still tries to mollify me though …. and after all these years. It really amuses me to watch him squirm – all before a lash is laid on him. Best wishes with your books and with that arm of yours , and your efforts on Robert’s backside. As you are more than well aware. males thrive on it. Helen. 

  5. Walter Scott says:

    A delightful game, ma’am. I have, like Robert, danced under the cane many times. I do like this quiz idea though …maybe I should suggest it to “she who must be obeyed”

  6. sissyjamieanne says:

    Looking forward to “Dancing Under the Cane” Ma’am…It sounds like it will be wonderful!

  7. timothy210 says:

    Lovely scene setting. I wonder if it will be possible for visitors to make out the hint of cane welts through the suit trousers of her poor employees, whenever they bend over the pick up things from the floor. 😉

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