The caning had to be postponed. Robert was due to be soundly caned about a month ago, but I pulled a muscle in my caning arm at the gym, so he enjoyed a reprieve. Very frustrating for me, but the upside is that his bottom has had a rare, extended break from punishment, meaning that when I inspected him recently I was delighted to find that I had a almost totally unmarked bottom to decorate. A rare treat indeed in this house.

I’m pleased to report that my arm has now recovered and I’m ready to get thrashing, but it will not be the cane I will be using to put the badly needed colour back into Robert’s deserving bottom cheeks. I shall be using my latest purchase. A purchase I am very excited about. I have bought a used, vintage riding whip, and it really is the most beautiful object. It measures 70cm in length and tapers down to from 14mm diameter at the grip to 10mm at the business end. It’s finished in fine braided leather and is quite flexible. It is a high quality, antique whip and made by a long established English whip maker of repute. I’ve tried using riding crops in the past, but never really got on with them, usually finding them a bit too short, but this one is really lovely. I simply can’t wait to take it to Robert’s bare bottom.

The arrival of my new whip has coincided with a lovely review of my latest book, ‘Spanking Games’. The reviewer, generously left by an author of erotica, gave the book five stars but mentioned that there were several spelling mistakes. It’s Robert’s job to spell check my books and he has clearly failed in his duties. What a perfect reason to christen my new whip. I shall be giving my lovely new whip a thorough workout on Robert’s bare bottom within the next few days and I will report on the whipping in due course.

I have shall also be featuring this whip in one of my forthcoming stories.

About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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3 Responses to VINTAGE WHIP

  1. Ms.Marwood says:

    Dear Ms. Bee
    Has it come to your attention that there is an error in the last sentence where it states “have shall”? If this is Robert’s fault, I have no doubt you will impose a suitable correction. I love your droll sense of humor combined with true sadism. Always makes for an arousing read. Many thanks for all your blogs.

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    So happy to hear your arm is well now, Ma’am! And what an absolutely lovely new riding whip you have! I love old implements…they remember a day when stern discipline was dispensed rather liberally (much like in your household)! I’m sure a good dose with that whip will make Robert much more careful the next time he proof reads your writings!

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