It is now more than a month since I last thrashed Robert. He was just about fit for punishment two weeks ago, but then the Christmas festivities began. We receive a lot of visitors at this time of the year, making corporal punishment near impossible, but now, thank goodness, it’s over and I can get back to what I love doing the most – thrashing his bare bottom. I’m also delighted to report that the cane and tawse famine of the past month has resulted in the almost complete fading of marks that ordinarily decorate his bottom, so for the first time in ages I have a blank canvas to decorate. I can’t think of a more delightful way to start 2015. I will let Robert’s wheel of misfortune decide on the number of strokes and selection of implements and I will do my part by administering them with maximum severity and without mercy. I can’t wait to hear the sharp crack of my cane biting deep into Robert’s bare bottom, then watch him squirm and clench. I’m desperate to swing my extra heavy Lochgelly tawse, then watch his bottom shudder with the impact and hear him gasp in agony. I will report on his thrashing in due course.

Several years ago I memorably caned Robert into the new year. He was strapped over my whipping bench and I had the television switched on. The caning began as soon as Big Ben began its chime and continued with vigour until the clock fell silent, replaced by the sound of fireworks. That was a long, hard caning. Wonderful. If I get the chance again I will tawse him into the New Year.

New Year Resolutions? I intend to continue regular workouts at the gym, concentrating on improving my fitness and stamina. I have found that I sometimes get a little out of breath when administering brisk, hard, prolonged canings and tawsings. I also want to refine my tawsing skills to enable me to administer the extra spiteful strokes more consistently. These are the strokes that are delivered while I stand close to Robert’s head as he is secured over the whipping bench. His gaping bottom is unsighted, so I sometimes place a floor standing mirror behind him to assist my aim. The objective is the curl the tawse around his left bottom cheek, causing the tawse tips to bite excruciatingly into his bottom cleft or his sensitive inner thigh. I adore it when I get it right. The tawse bites in with a deliciously sharp ‘CRACK!’ All the energy leaves the tawse as it momentarily ‘grasps’ his bottom. Robert’s reaction, as he writhes in agony, struggling hopelessly at his restraints, desperate to clench his bottom cheeks whilst gasping and squealing, is a delight. If I manage to hit the same spot several times in succession, he goes berserk as agony overlays agony. This is where I want to improve. I want to be able to administer tawsings like this more consistently, more spitefully, harder and more prolonged. I want to take Robert on a journey to a higher level of agony, to a place he didn’t realise existed. I want to redefine his understanding of pain.

I will report on his first thrashing of the year in due course. May I wish the readers of my blog a happy New Year, much spanking, caning and tawsing, and those that deserve it, a very sore bottom.

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About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    What a lovely entry Ma’am! I love your attitude toward corporal punishment of the deserving male…the way you take it so seriously…your desire to improve your skills (although I know you’re already quite an accomplished disciplinarian) and your sadism! Thank you for sharing your love of cp in your blog and in your books…I love both!

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