Time does seem to fly by when you’re having fun and I realised a few days ago that my cane collection was getting a little elderly and somewhat depleted. They get nowhere near the use they did when I was a professional disciplinarian, but even so, they are put to vigorous use across Robert’s bare bottom on a regular basis and they occasionally break. They also dry out over time, so they must lose some of their weight, which of course means they also lose bite. It was time to replenish my collection with a few more, so I got Robert to order a senior dragon cane and a reformatory dragon cane from my favourite supplier last week. I’m so pleased I did.

The new canes arrived a few days later. They arrived by special delivery and I did wonder if the post lady who handed me the long cardboard tube suspected they contained canes. She did seem to be studying me with interest as she watched me sign for them. The senior dragon cane measured in at 9.5mm diameter and 85cm long. It was quite heavy and stiffer than most of my canes. It immediately felt good and I was keen to try it. The reformatory dragon cane is a real monster, and at 11mm diameter and over a meter long, it has some serious weight behind it. Both canes, in my opinion, are only suitable for severe or very severe canings, so perfect for me.

Although Robert has not recovered from his lessons in self discipline two weeks ago, I was too impatient to try my new acquisitions to wait for a full recovery. Besides, I reminded him as I ordered him to strip, then bend over, his last thrashing had been with the hellstrap and the weals and bruising had been concentrated around the area of his bottom cleft. His bottom cheeks had gotten off lightly, so were quite ready for a taste of the cane.

He wasn’t restrained as I just wanted to conduct a quick test, but I warned him to stay in position throughout or risk being secured over the whipping bench for at least double the caning I proposed. I decided to administer two strokes with my favourite old cane, then two with each of the new canes. I would then administer a further six strokes with my favourite of the three. I was already reasonably sure which cane was my favourite before Robert had felt a single stroke, and the first six strokes confirmed it. The first two strokes had Robert gasping, but the second two with the senior dragon cane took his breath away. The marking was impressive and the cane had serious bite. The reformatory dragon cane is a real ‘thudder’ and causes serious bruising. Excruciating and excellent for serious judicial style canings. My favourite was the new senior dragon cane, and I could tell from Robert’s face, as I picked it up for a second time, that it was the one he was dreading the most.

Robert gasped and hissed in lungfuls of air as I placed six further vivid tramlines across his bottom and by the time I put the cane down I had drawn blood. I love this new cane and as soon as Robert’s bottom has healed, I intend to put it too far more enthusiastic use, this time with Robert restrained.

The book I am currently writing, under the pen name of Amanda Barrington, is almost complete and I hope to publish soon. This will be a sequel to ‘The Punishment Project’. I have also started another new book that involves a young man who works for the senior partner of a firm of solicitors. The senior partner is nearing retirement and with no ambition other than for an easy life, work is not challenging. That is all about to change in the most spectacular way when Miss Proctor, young, ambitious, ruthless and sadistic takes over. This will be an Annie Bee book, so you can probably guess the methods the beautiful and elegant Miss Proctor may use to motivate and instil discipline.

About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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3 Responses to NEW CANES

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    I must imagine that Robert deeply appreciates the effort you put into selecting suitable canes to ensure his discipline and correction, Ma’am! I love your matter of fact way that you administer correction…so strict, serious, and straight forward!

  2. alex says:

    Hi Annie Firstly, if you soak your canes and leather instruments in linseed oil occasionally and then keep them moist with water, they will gain weight not lose it, and perform many lashes for you, without fatigue. You will also enjoy the kaliadiscope of marks they leave on the wreathing, heeving and billowing bare bottom under you command and control.

    Secondly, when I was 19, I went to board with an english lady in her mid 40s and to this day I am amazed that for 8 years she found what seemed a fair and just reason to remove my pants and administer the whip and or cane at least twice a week. Like you she meant business and had a particular expertise with the cane giving me 12 each side; leaving a gap between each lash, and the redoing me, filling in the gaps!

    I look back and wondered why I stayed so many years and submitted to so many beating, but, somehow, this woman was a mother figure to me and in particular, made me feel very secure within, especially when I was being punished, no matter how much my bare bottom was hurting.
    Mrs clough some how knew the art of making a beating super erotic usually occasioning a dick which stuck out like an appolo rocket ready for lift off; only to be subdues by a wet tea-towel.

    The only time that I felt uncomfortable was when she had female guests around for morning or afternoon tea. I was always thoroughly whipped and caned about half an hour before the guests arrived, and then I had to serve the guests wearing only a waiters vest and roman sandles. Mrs clough would explain that humiliation was an important part of my punishment. On one occasion, 4 out of 10 ladies present expressed their whole hearted approval also expressing disappointment that they had not observed proceedings. Those 4 ladies were invited back the following week-end and were allowed to be part of the action !!!!!!!!!!

    What I never really understood was her true motive or the scope or level of pleasure she dirived from her administration. I have pondered my stay at mrs cloughs but have never had the courage to enquire with anyone about her pleasure endorphe and her perspective on the experience. why did she like it so much; it seemed to be much more than sadism. She really cared about me, looked after me, and was concerened when I came home late (bare bottom next moring invariably) It was a two way loving caring relationship. All I have had since then is two lesbians who have some bazaar fantasies.

    I never understood Mrs Clough. And without writting a book about the experience can you try to explain to me something about this loving caring person who was addicted to the whip and cans as I suspect you might also be.

    • Dear Alex, Thanks for your interesting information about linseed oil and your fascinating account of your punishment by Mrs Clough. I can identify with this lady but I am unable to explain why both myself and Mrs Clough enjoy thrashing the bare bottoms of deserving males. Perhaps in my own case the clues were there when I would regularly spank my dolls as a child. x

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