I’ve noticed that Robert usually tenses himself in anticipation of a stroke of the cane or tawse. He also often holds his breath, especially when he is under instruction to remain totally silent during punishment. So I decided to try something new. I really like the idea of caning and tawsing his bare bottom when he is not anticipating each stroke, that way his bottom will be relaxed, perhaps allowing the implement to sink in deeper. I also like the idea of keeping him in suspense, never knowing when the next stroke will bite in, or what implement it will be. I decided to try something new.

The process was simple, I explained I to Robert as I was securing him over the whipping bench. I told him that he would be over the bench for much longer than usual, he would be blindfolded totally and his ears would be fitted with earplugs (the sort that are used by people who’s partners snore). To make absolutely sure of the integrity of both the blindfold and earplugs, they would be taped in position with heavy duty duct tape. In addition, to make sure that none of my movements would be heard, I would have a radio in the room, playing Classic FM, for the duration, ensuring that any noises I did make that might be heard by him, would be drowned out by the music. He was, naturally, banned from speaking, and promised six of the best for any word uttered.

With everything in place, Mozart’s 38th Symphony filling the room and Roberts bare bottom perfectly presented for punishment, while he nervously waited for the first stroke, I arranged my canes and tawses on the table, then went downstairs for a cup of tea. Earl Grey, of course.

It must have been about fifteen minutes later that, unknown to Robert, I entered the punishment room to the sweet sound of Chopin’s Nocturne No 2. I selected a senior cane, then took my position to his left, then carefully measured the cane across his bottom, keeping it a few inches away from his flesh to make sure he had no warning of what was to come. His bottom looked completely relaxed. Perhaps he could just hear the music through the earplugs.

I gave him a dozen really hard brisk strokes. It was a joy to see the first stroke sink deep into his unsuspecting bottom cheeks. He was writhing, gasping and squealing for the following eleven strokes. I put down the cane, then left the room.

I’m currently writing another book under the pen name of Amanda Barrington, a sequel to ‘The Punishment Project’. The previous evening I had completed the fourth chapter, so I thought it might be useful to read it through, then perhaps make a start on chapter five. Time seems to fly when I’m writing, and it was a good thirty minutes before I entered the punishment room again. The cane weals across Robert’s bottom had matured nicely into purple. Time for the tawse – a dozen with my ‘hellstrap’ aimed into his bottom cleft. My goodness he did squeal. Perfect accompaniment to Wagner’s Tannhauser.

One and a half hours after the first stroke, and with chapter five well under way, I completed Robert’s thrashing with a dozen strokes of the cane followed by a dozen strokes with my Lochgelly tawse to the hypnotic melody of Elgar’s ‘Nimrod’.

I must try this again.



About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Walter Scott says:

    You are a thoughtful mistress to Robert putting thought into his punishments so he will never get bored. He is indeed a fortunate man.

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