I’ve been having so much fun with my tawses lately that I’ve neglected my favourite implement – the cane. I’ve refined my tawsing technique considerably over the years and I think I am now able to administer a tawsing that rivals the very finest of canings in terms of agony. But the cane wins hands down on sound. For me, there is no sound that beats that produced by a good, hard caning. The swish of the cane as it homes in on its target, the sharp crack as it bites into the soft flesh of a presented bare bottom, and the resultant gasping, shrieking and pleading for mercy are all music to my ears.

Also the cane wins visually. I adore the tram-line weals produced by a severe stroke of the cane. Immediately after impact you can observe twin white ridges as evidence of where the cane has bitten in. These then fill with colour and, depending of severity, can range through red to purple. If I say so myself, I am proficient with the cane, and I am quite sure I could produce a weal on a bare bottom with just one stroke of the cane that will still be visible over a month later. However, if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I never administer less than a dozen and I’ve already decided that Robert’s next punishment will be a simple judicial style caning of thirty-six strokes.

I call it judicial style because, as far as I’m aware, Robert hasn’t actually done anything that warrants punishment, so I’m caning him for pleasure, and also just in case he has done something wrong that I don’t know about. However, I intend to cane him severely, so he will be well restrained over my old whipping bench, bare bottom presented perfectly. The strokes will be administered with a dragon cane, and they will be laid on as hard as I can make them. There will be no mercy and no pauses. If he makes too much fuss or noise (which I am quite sure he will), I will add penalty strokes at the end. Penalty strokes will be added in multiples of six and I will expect them to be taken in total silence, if not they will be repeated. Quite a challenge for Robert, and blissful fun for me.

I have to savour canings like this because a bottom can only take so much, and this caning will leave him unfit for more punishment for several weeks. Never mind, I’ll just have to amuse myself in other ways.

I’ll report on the caning shortly. I have told Robert that he should prepare himself for the caning of his life and that the first stroke will bite into his bare bottom at precisely 10.00am, on Monday 14th July. I like him to be able to count down the hours, minutes and seconds before I set his bottom ablaze.


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I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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