As you may have gathered, I adore the corrective properties of the tawse, and I’m going through a tawsing phase at the moment. I’ve been reacquainting myself with the blissful sound of the heavy leather tails of a flexible tawse biting deep into the yielding flesh of a bare bottom – that sharp ‘CRACK’ that confirms the stroke was excruciating, confirmed a second later by the body language of the recipient. The inspiration has come from my latest book, as yet with no title, but largely complete and awaiting proof reading and correcting. The book has been written under my new pen name, Amanda Barrington, and is written from the disciplinarian’s perspective, in this case a Miss Martha Downton.

Martha plans to administer the most excruciating punishment to an unsuspecting, but fully deserving male. This leads her to develop a simple whipping frame that will present her recipients bare bottom in the perfect position to apply the tawse, and keep it there, no matter how unbearable the pain is. She wants her recipient’s bottom raised and gaping, so that the tawse can be applied from above. This has three advantages:
1. It means that the force of gravity is added to the momentum applied by her arm.
2. The strokes can be applied from both sides, ensuring that the tawse can reach all areas.
3. The enforced gaping ensures that the painful tawse tips can reach into the bottom cleft, thus ensuring maximum levels of agony are achieved.

Although my books are fiction, I do like to research implements, equipment and techniques before putting them into print. The whipping frame was no exception. When Martha came up with the idea of a whipping frame that could be used with the recipient laying face down on a bed, with his bottom presented in the required gaping position and rendered totally unable to clench his bottom cheeks, or escape, I decided to instruct Robert to make one.

The construction was easy and testing has been a joy. The frame consists of two sturdy wooden members placed lengthways on a bed, about three feet apart with two cross members bolted to them. We used 3” x 2” timber. The hips rest over the top of the central member, which is raised by spacers, and the knees hook under the second, lower member. Ankles and knees are strapped to the side members, wrists are cuffed behind his back and kept well up by locking them to a strap around his neck (so he can’t reach down to protect his bottom). A heavy leather strap encompassing the small of his back and the frame, keeps his back down low, hollowed, so his bottom pushed up high with cheeks gaping open. I place a few pillows under his hips for his comfort (also raising his hips a little higher). In this position he is utterly helpless and his bottom remains perfectly presented for the tawse come what may. I do, however, permit Robert to wear a protective thong, to protect his ‘bits’.

My preferred tawse for this position is the short, heavy two tailed tawse I call my ‘hellstrap’. It’s heavy enough to bite deep in deep, flexible enough to curl around his bottom cheeks, and short enough to be wielded from above without risk of hitting the ceiling. By placing the whipping frame in the centre of the bed, I can apply strokes from either side.

Robert foolishly let slip some time ago that he finds the tawse particularly agonising when applied to the same area, briskly, so my favoured technique is to apply about four strokes, slowly, aiming the strokes so the tawse will curl around the nearest bottom cheek, sending the painful tips to search out the sensitive flesh of his exposed bottom cleft. This method, when perfected, causes the tawse tips to accelerate into the target area. Four strokes is usually enough for me to fine tune my aim and adjust my footing. When I am happy with my accuracy, I move up a gear to administer between six and a dozen strokes, now briskly and very hard. The whole procedure can then be repeated from the other side.

Robert finds this so unbearably agonising that his shrieking actually descends into a strange gurgling noise. Wonderful. Despite his frantic efforts to clench his bottom cheeks, his bottom remains perfectly presented throughout, gaping up at me, as if to say ‘PLEASE TAWSE ME HARDER’.

Robert is quite a seasoned recipient, and he usually takes punishment well, but using this particular method of tawsing him seems to overwhelm his self-control. He’s forbidden to plead for mercy, of course. That’s one of my golden rules. But earlier today, after the first brisk dozen, there was an awful lot of frantic pleading for mercy as I changed my position to tawse him from the other side. His pleas, of course, were totally futile, merely acting as an encouragement to thrash him yet harder. In addition, his pleading earned him penalty strokes. Will he never learn? Apparently not. Never mind.

Although the whipping frame was constructed and used primarily for research, I’ve enjoyed tawsing Robert over it so much that I will now utilise it regularly. It takes apart in a few minutes to become a few innocent pieces of wood and a few bolts. Very useful for storing in a domestic environment.

I’ve had Robert make up a sketch to show the whipping frame’s simplicity. See below. Click on picture for larger image.



About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Alan Richards says:

    Your enthusiastic description of your new whipping frame and the pleasures it affords you sends my mind into such an aroused state of confusion. Wanting and fearing so much the consequences and yet fearing even more the never knowing of such surrender. Beautiful! Thank you for such eternal torment. Alan

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