Robert’s test results were very disappointing. He had ample opportunity to revise, but for reasons best known to himself, chose not to. In consequence, he is now nursing a very hot and sore bottom with a bag of frozen peas. The test questions, with correct answers were as follows:
1. From where does the name the name ‘tawse’ derive?
A. From the Scottish name for curing hide – Tawing.

2. Name the most famous tawse?
A. Lochgelly.

3. Name the Scottish gentleman, born in 1882, who began producing the Lochgelly tawse in 1924?
A. George Wilson Dick.

4. Apart from tawses and other leather products, including, harness, footballs and hand bags, what other trade did this gentleman engage in.
A. Coachbuilding – lorries, vans and shooting brakes.

5. Name the son who took over the business in 1950?
A. John Dick.

6. The Lochgelly tawse is usually stamped with an abbreviation of its weight. Name them?
A. L, M, H, XH (light, medium, heavy, extra heavy).

7. What factor, in one year, contributed to a fifty percent increase in the sales of tawses to schools in Scotland?
A. Raising of the school leaving age.

8. The tawse was traditionally applied to the palm of the hand. How and where, does Annie Bee prefer to administer it?
A. Always hard. Always on the bare. Never less than a dozen strokes.

9. Which weight of tawse should be used by Annie Bee to correct wrong answers to this test?
A. XH (extra heavy).

10. Do you consider six strokes for each wrong answer sufficient? Explain your answer?
A. No. In the case of only one wrong answer, then six is clearly not sufficient because Annie Bee is quite clear the punishment should be Always hard. Always on the bare. Never less than a dozen strokes.

It is easier to list the questions Robert got right: 2, 5, 6. His remaining seven answers were incorrect, so his sentence was 6 x 7 = 42 strokes with the extra heavy Lochgelly. However, he didn’t go over the whipping bench willingly, so I increased his tawsing to 60 strokes.

There was an awful lots of writhing and squealing as I began to enthusiastically decorate his deserving bare bottom, so I concluded with a dozen penalty strokes with the dragon cane. The tawsing and caning were both very hard and merciless – delicious!

I’ve given a new cover to one of my short story, ‘AN APPOINTMENT WITH MISS ANNIE BEE’ : http://www.anniebeebooks.com/id8.html
I hope you like it.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. cuck says:

    I would have got 2,5, & 10 correct so not much better. I would not have dallied over the whipping bench. Major thinks your punishment was too lenient – a lady who left a comment on another post, Helen, would probably agree.

  2. Major says:

    Tisk Tisk Robert should have gotten 10 for 10 as he has been with you for a long time. He must be very attuned to what you like and if did now something about your desires he could have found the information quite easily on the internet.
    I think the punishment was very just and a bit lenient.

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