A week after Robert’s last caning, and his bottom is still sporting vivid crimson and purple cane marks. My goodness, that was a delicious caning! The trouble is, his bottom will now need several weeks to recover before it will be fit for punishment again. This is a shame because not only am I in the mood to thrash him again but he deserves one.

I’m always grateful to readers for pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes in my books, and it was recently pointed out to me by a reader that one of my earlier books, published in 2011, had several mistakes. Robert is responsible for spell checking, so he is in trouble. I have now corrected the errors and while at it, given the book a fresh cover and shortened the rather long title; ‘THE RECLUSIVE SISTERS’ SECRET CANING REGIME’ is now called ‘SECRET CANING REGIME’.

I hope you like the new cover:

Obviously, Robert deserves to be thrashed for his part in these errors, but as he is not fit for punishment, I have made an entry in the punishment book. He will be tawsed with my extra-heavy Lochgelly tawse just as soon as I deem him fit. Thirty-six strokes across the bare bottom, so he had better behave himself in the meantime, or I will be delighted to add to this.

You may be aware that I’m organising another caning competition on FetLife. The results will be placed on my FetLife picture page. The competition is open to anybody who is a friend of mine on FetLife (I’m known as ABee on FetLife). More details here:

I’ll report on Robert’s next tawsing and the results of the caning competition in due course, and if anybody buying a copy of ‘SECRET CANING REGIME’ from today manages to find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, do please let me know. I will add strokes to Robert’s tawsing and make corrections.

I am currently working on two stories.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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