My last book, Caned at the Mill, featured the hairbrush. It fitted the story well as it is an effective implement that can be found, innocently, in many houses. I’ve been so busy with my canes, tawses and the birch in recent years, that my hairbrushes have been neglected. I decided it would be nice to reacquaint myself with them – or more accurately, reacquaint Robert’s bare bottom.

One hairbrush I own is particularly lovely – oval, on the large side, made of dense, smooth wood, and best of all, heavy. I know from experience that when applied briskly, in the same place, the hairbrush is excruciating.

It’s for research, Robert,” I explained, as I propelled him, trousers and pants down, over my lap. “I want to see if I can hold you in position while I administer a really blistering hair-brushing.”

I was sitting on the settee and I sat slightly sideways, so Robert was able to rest his upper body on the settee seat next to me. I hitched up my skirt then scissored his legs between mine, while grasping his wrists and pushing them into the small of his back with my left hand.

Now Robert. Let’s see how long I can keep you in place.”

I tightened my grip on his legs and wrists, then picked up the hairbrush. There were no preliminaries. I set about his bare bottom with enthusiasm. The plan was to crack the brush down six times across one cheek, then six on the other, then repeat this pattern, hard and brisk, until he wriggled free, or I was exhausted.

He was squealing after just twelve, then when the hairbrush began it’s second set of six on his left bottom cheek, it became too much for him. He wriggled free and ended up on the floor, on his knees, clutching his burning bottom with both hands. His face was contorted in agony.

I suppose that’s why we have a whipping bench, Robert. Assemble it please. I haven’t finished.”

Robert looked quite desperate as he remained on his knees clutching his burning bottom. He really didn’t want any more with that nasty hairbrush.

At once, Robert. I want is ready, with you over it in fifteen minutes. You have thirty-six strokes with the hairbrush remaining. If you aren’t ready I’ll double it.”

That seemed to do the trick. As he scampered out of the lounge I noted with amusement that the red markings on each bottom cheek now resembled red halos. I wondered what his bottom would look like after another thirty-six. I glanced at my watch and went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of Earl Grey.

My word! How he squealed as I administered the thirty-six about twenty minutes later. The restraints of the whipping bench kept his bottom cheeks perfectly presented, so there were no interruptions. The strokes were harder too, as the position allowed me a better swing. The halos, however, had almost disappeared, hidden in two skies of purple, but fringed with red.

Can you describe the pain, Robert. I need a colourful description for my writing.” I asked, when he had quietened down a little.

I won’t repeat the expletives he came out with, suffice to say he found it excruciating and his foul language earned him another dozen.

As Robert’s breathing began to return to normal, I looked thoughtfully at the marks on his bottom. Something was missing. The circles needed something to make them more interesting – some lines. Of course! Robert’s bottom was crying out for a good, hard, caning.

Oh no! Please no!” said Robert, as I approached him with the dragon cane.

Robert obviously thought he had had enough. I didn’t.

The wonderful sounds of rattan biting into bare flesh, accompanied by the hissing and squealing of a man in agony, filled the room. Wonderful. As much as I enjoyed applying the hairbrush, I think the cane is still my favourite.

When not thrashing Robert, I’ve been busy writing. I’ve recently published a new book called ‘Theatre of Correction’ It’s written from from the perspective of lady who enjoys administering punishments and so is a change from my normal style. For that reason, I written it under the pen name of Amanda Barrington, but if you enjoy Annie Bee’s books, I think you might like this. Constructive feedback is welcome on

I’m also currently writing two other stories, to be published soon. I’ll have plenty of time, alas, because Robert’s bottom will need several weeks to recover. I did get rather carried away with my dragon cane.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. Yingtai says:

    Just wow. I’m a straight female submissive and this still got me. I hope Robert is recovering …

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