I’ve at last finished writing my new book, “Theatre of Correction”, it just needs to be checked for errors by Robert. It’s taken a little longer than usual because I had ideas for two short stories while I was working on it, so broke off to write those. So I now have three new books to publish, the first of which, “One Caning is Never Enough” is published today.

To celebrate publication, Robert and I will dine out and I’ve decided to make the experience a little more exciting for him. I normally cane only on the bare bottom, but today will be an exception. Before we leave for the restaurant, Robert will be required to bend over for six of the very best with my senior cane across the seat of his trousers. He must take all six in silence and without moving out of position. If he fails I will repeat all six. We will then leave for the restaurant. He will sit through his meal on his sore bottom in the knowledge that, when we get home, he will receive twelve of the very best on the bare bottom. The same, ultra-strict rules on fuss will apply. That should spice up his dinner. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Theatre of Correction” and the other shorts story, as yet untitled, will be published shortly.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. timothy210 says:


    I very much enjoyed your new story, the character of Miss Sophie is one I would certainly love to hear more about, so she definitely came to life.

    The caning description was curious. Do men go quiet and limp after a certain number have been given? (I’m trying to remember, lol, as it’s been several years since I had a really severe caning of a number like that). But I (think) I understand what made him say she had been too lenient – as you just saw, we men have short memories. 🙂

    By the way, and with commiserations to Robert, I’m afraid I saw two typos. I’ll post the bits below so you can find them more easily…

    • Dear Timothy,
      I’m so pleased you are enjoying my stories. Do men go quiet after a certain number of strokes? Some do, when they’re broken. Regarding the mistakes, I’m grateful for your your observations. I shall make the corrections and Robert will be punished accordingly.
      Kind Regards,
      Annie x

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