I remain delighted and excited by the results I achieved with my new tawse, christened by Robert, ‘The Hellstrap’. He has mentioned a few times since that the thrashing he received with it was like stepping into hell. It was absolutely delicious to watch him writhing and squealing as I soundly tawsed his wildly weaving, bare bottom with my new hellstrap. I can’t wait to repeat it, but with improvements. Although the thrashing was exquisite, it was far too brief. You might be surprised to learn that it lasted no more than 15 – 20 seconds, but in that time I probably managed about 20 absolutely scorching strokes, aimed so the tawse tips bit deep into his bottom cleft. The problem was the restraining straps. For the first time I began to have concerns as to whether they were strong enough to hold him in place. You may remember me mentioning previously that the whipping bench is of my own design, and that the restraints are secure enough to hold down an angry elephant, but after his last thrashing I do wonder if it’s secure enough to keep Robert firmly ‘in hell’ as he enjoys the vigorous attention of my hellstrap. His bottom was able to weave around too much for my liking, as he managed to find superhuman strength in his futile fight to wrench it out of the reach of my eagerly applied tawse. Although it was absolutely delicious to observe his frantic and hopeless efforts to escape, I have to stop his bottom weaving quite so much as it risks spoiling my aim. I want ALL of my strokes to bite in where intended, not just most of them. I do not compromise on matters like this.

ImageWhen I was a professional disciplinarian, I would routinely tawse and cane several bare bottoms each day, but now, because I only punish Robert, and each time he generally takes several weeks to recover, I treasure each of his trips over my whipping bench. It seems only right to make each thrashing really special, so I put quite some time and effort into preparation. Of course, Robert does get very nervous when he is witness to my meticulous attention to detail when planning for his punishments. At every stage of the preparation I ask myself; ‘What can I do to make the punishment even more agonising?’ And ‘How can I make sure he can’t escape?’ It is the second question that I am addressing currently. I’m quite sure I already know how to make his next appointment with my hellstrap even more agonising – I will use the same technique of applying it to his bare bottom as hard as possible and as briskly as possible, in exactly the same spot, but for a longer period – perhaps 30 seconds, or even a whole minute. Then, if I still have the energy, I might repeat it on another part of his bottom or inner thigh. Being right handed, my favourite spots to aim for when using a tawse are his bottom cleft, the top of his right thigh, just where it meets his right buttock, and his inner left thigh (the tails, being flexible, curl in beautifully here). The great thing about aiming for these particularly sensitive areas is that a reasonable part of his bottom, and especially his right cheek, will remain almost unscathed, so I could follow up the tawsing with a nice, hard caning.

Back to my main concern, keeping his bottom firmly in place. I’m happy with a limited amount of writhing, but not so much that it in any way spoils my aim. I also must make quite sure he doesn’t have any opportunity to clench his bottom cheeks to protect the sensitive flesh in his bottom cleft. I need to experiment with additional restraints. His ability to move needs to be restricted considerably. I’m very happy for his feet to weave about, grasping pointlessly at the air, and I’m happy for his head to shake and gyrate, in fact I adore these futile signs of desperation and agony, and it encourages me to thrash him harder still, but his gaping bottom must remain exactly where I want it – a static target, perfectly presented for punishment. I will experiment with additional restraints over the next week.


I’m also planning to attempt some left handed tawsings and canings. I’ve never tried this, but mastering it will enable me to decorate Robert’s bottom with symmetrical weals. I’ll report on how I progress.


Does Robert know what I have planned for him, you may wonder? Yes he does, because I make Robert spell and grammar check all my blogs and books before publishing, so by the time you read this he will either be anticipating his forthcoming spell in hell, or will be nursing a very sore bottom.


In the meantime, my writing is going well and my new book, which I’m thinking of calling ‘Theatre of Correction’ is well under way. The sales of my existing books continue to delight. ‘The Landlady’s Punishment Book’ is my current best seller on Kindle. I may consider a sequel.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    Another very delightful read Ma’am! Thank You! As always your attention to detail thrills! I think this is what truly makes you stand out as an author and a disciplinarian…You are so very exacting in your preparations and the carrying out of correction! It’s very obvious that you truly enjoy what you do…and as a fan of female administered punishment, I’m so very happy to have found you and your writings.

    As a side note…I’ve read “The Landlady’s Punishment Book” twice…cover to cover! I can count on one hand the number of books I’ve read twice in my life…and I will likely read it a third time!



  2. slave1548 says:

    Are you aware of the “Ochsenziemer” whipping implement ?

    • No, I’ve never heard of a Ochsenziemer. I’ve looked on google, but all descriptions seem to be in German. They seem a little like a Sjambok.

      • slave1548 says:

        Hello, the thing is – i am also searching for the correct english term for it, but seems there is none. It is skin of Bull penises coiled and twisted into a Sjambok like implement. It is terrifying & the looks are great. There are only 2 stores in germany who actually make and sell them.

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