As regular readers of my blog are aware, my partner, Robert, receives regular thrashings across his bare bottom with my wonderful selection of canes and tawses, and it does take its toll. He’s never released from the whipping bench without first having his bottom decorated with vivid weals, but within a few weeks he’s usually recovered enough for another roasting.

The same, however, cannot be said about the floor covering in the punishment room. The whipping bench is always carefully located in the same spot, where it gives me maximum room to swing my implements of correction. This, of course, means that I always stand on the same spot of carpet. There is now a distinct worn patch, evidence of many canings and tawsings. The carpet will need to replaced and I will also buy a rug to place over the wear spot. Problem solved.

I’m very pleased with my most recent acquisition, another tawse. This is a bespoke model, made to my specification. Robert made the mistake of mentioning to me that one of the most agonising thrashings are those where strokes are applied to the same spot, briskly (and obviously, hard – I only do hard). At 43cm (17”) long, this tawse is considerably shorter than my Lochgelly tawses, but it is thick (8mm), and made of dense,heavy, leather, so it has real ‘bite’. Its size allows me to administer strokes considerably faster than usual, and its shorter length makes it easy to make sure strokes land exactly where I intend. Although heavy, there is enough flexibility in the tawse to mould to the curve of Robert’s bottom cheeks, so the painful tawse tips can search out all those sensitive spots. I tried it out on Robert’s gaping bare bottom this morning. I aimed a series of brisk, and very hard strokes so that the tawse tips bit into his bottom cleft again and again, in exactly the same spot. My goodness, what a fuss he made! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wriggle so violently. The restraints, held him, so despite all the squealing and writhing, I was able to continue the tawsing uninterrupted, but I did have some concerns that he might wriggle enough to spoil my aim. He was in a state of shock when I eventually released him, and he said the build up of agony was of an intensity that was absolutely unbearable. He’s christened my new tawse ‘THEHELLSTRAP’, named after a particularly severe tawse that features in one of my stories. I like that name, so that is what it I will call it from now on

As you may be aware, Robert is always under strict instructions to take his punishment without fuss and in silence. He failed in this responsibility totally this morning, so he is in serious trouble. As soon as the angry weals on his bottom have faded he is going back over the whipping bench for another taste of ‘THE HELLSTRAP’. This time I will double up on the restraining straps to make sure his bottom can’t weave around so much as I thrash it. If he thought today’s thrashing was unbearable, I’m curious to know how he will describe the next one. What he received this morning will seem like a stroll in the park compared to what I have planned for him.


About Annie Bee Books

I am an author of BDSM fantasy stories.
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1 Response to WEAR & TEAR & A NEW TAWSE

  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    How very fortunate your Robert is to be the sole recipient of your most wonderful disciplinary talents, Ma’am! I certainly envy him, but am sure that once the tips of the tawse found the crevice between my cheeks, I’d quickly be reminded of the adage, “Be careful what you wish for”! Certainly Robert came to regret the fuss he made during his introductory thrashing with the “Hellstrap”!

    Humble Regards,

    sissy jamieanne

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